Mentorships Program

By on January 18, 2016

Midwest APPA Mentorship Program

Midwest APPA invites you to become engaged in the future of our profession by becoming a Mentor or Mentee in the MAPPA Mentorship Program (M&M Program).

The M&M program offers an opportunity:

  • for our members to engage with other Facilities Management professionals.
  • to connect our young professionals with our seasoned professionals.
  • to share successes and lessons learned to strengthen our profession.
  • to share professional development.
  • for guidance and information.
  • to network and engage in career prospects.
  • to have Fun and build some everlasting relationships.

Program Participation

To become an M&M, either as a mentor or mentee, in the MAPPA Mentorship Program.

  • Complete an application and submit it to the MAPPA President.
  • Make a 1-year commitment to be a mentor or mentee.
  • Consider presenting at future MAPPA Annual Conferences on lessons learned.
  • Be willing to share your Mentorship Experience to the MAPPA Board so we may learn how to improve the program.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be recognized at the annual conference Awards Banquet.
  • Receive a Pin/Ribbon to show your involvement in the program.

Finding the right mentor or mentee for you:

  • This is a program that you can tailor to meet your needs to provide you the level of involvement that you want in the M&M program. We will make the best effort within a three to four week process to provide a match to your completed application form.
  • The mentee and mentor should have some ideas as to how they would like to see this program work and what they would like to learn and experience.
  • The MAPPA Board will provide an email with background information relating to the match. After reviewing the potential mentor or mentee information and expressing some potential interest, we will have the mentor make contact.
  • We suggest that you set up a routine to make contact and a way to communicate. The two of you will drive this informal process. If either party would like to dissolve the relationship at any time within the year, please communicate to your mentor/mentee and the MAPPA Board.

Program Content Suggestions

  • Working through Challenges
  • Understanding the Facilities Management World and Network
  • Training and Educational Opportunities
  • Understanding the APPA/MAPPA Network
  • Choosing a career path and advancement
  • Sharing of resources and successes

Interested in getting involved?

Be sure to download these forms to your PC, then open them via Acrobat Reader. If you use your browser to open them, you can complete the form but the in-form print button and submit by email button won’t work.

If you are looking to become a MAPPA Mentor, click here to download your application today.
If you are looking to become a MAPPA Mentee, click here to download your application today.

For more information about the Mentorship Program, and opportunities, contact Ruthann Manlet.