Annual Calendar

By on January 18, 2016

Order of Business for MAPPA’s Calendar of Events


  • Annual Meeting
  • Board of Directors meeting – Annual Meeting
  • Election of Officers on Tuesday morning of Annual Meeting
  • Installation of Officers – Tuesday evening of Annual Meeting
  • Publish newsletter


  • Publish newsletter – to include Treasurer’s Report and new Officers
  • President publishes agenda of December Board Meeting
  • President appoints members to MAPPA committees
  • Senior Representative calls for nominations to APPA offices


  • President Elect appoints Program Committee – one member from each state
  • Board Meeting at site of the next Annual Meeting
  • Senior Representative submits written report to APPA
  • Senior Representative submits nominations for APPA offices


  • Program and Host Committees meet
  • Host Committee develops prospectus for vendor displays at Annual Meeting
  • Junior and Senior Representatives and Past President attend APPA Board Meeting


  • Publish newsletter
  • President distributes tentative Annual Meeting budget to Board


  • Program Committee selects speakers for Annual Meeting


  • MAPPA representatives to APPA Committees meet with appropriate committees
  • Program Committee finalizes program for Annual Meeting


  • Publish newsletter (tentative program for Annual Meeting, agenda for Membership Meeting at the Annual APPA Meeting, proposed Bylaw changes to be voted on at the Annual APPA Meeting)
  • APPA Committees continue meetings
  • MAPPA President identifies representatives to APPA Committees for next year and submits to APPA President Elect


  • President distributes agenda for MAPPA Board Meeting at Annual APPA Meeting


  • Annual APPA Meeting
  • President conducts Board and Membership Meetings at the APPA Meeting


  • Publish newsletter (call for nominations to MAPPA offices, Program and registration information for MAPPA Annual Meeting, possible amendments to Bylaws, slate of officers and continue call for nominations)
  • President identifies possible candidates for Meritorious Service Awards
  • President Elect orders plaque for outgoing President
  • Scholarship Applications submitted by member institutions to APPA


  • President has gavel engraved with President Elect’s name
  • APPA returns Scholarship applications to MAPPA for consideration at the Annual Meeting