By on January 18, 2016

MAPPA Awards and Recognition

Meritorious Service Award
Members who have performed meritorious service for the success of the Association may be awarded the Certificate of Meritorious Service upon a majority vote of the MAPPA Board of Directors. Such awards shall be made at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Members previously awarded this recognition are:

  • Frank Rice – University of Wisconsin
  • Charles Codding – Bowling Green State University
  • William Domke – Valparaiso University

Presidential Service Award

The President’s Award is given at the discretion of the MAPPA President, with the approval of the Board, to recognize an individual who has provided service to MAPPA that is above and beyond the normal expected participation. The award shall be a certificate that will be presented by the President at the Annual Meeting Banquet. No more than three certificates can be awarded on an annual basis.

APPA Awards and Recognition

APPA provides several opportunities to recognize members for their accomplishments. It is suggested that nominations for these awards be coordinated through the MAPPA Board of Directors. Criteria and deadlines for these awards are listed below:

To view past reciepients of any of the following awards, navigate to APPA’s Membership Awards and Recognition page and choose the award by name, then choose the recipients tab.

APPA Fellow Award

Deadline for nominations: November 30, annually.
While most awards recognize past achievements, the APPA Fellow designation brings with it both recognition of specific accomplishments to date and expectations for continuing involvement in APPA’s leadership program through research and mentoring. This is APPA’s highest individual achievement award. Individuals must be an active member of APPA for a minimum of ten years; graduated from APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management; completed APPA’s Leadership Academy; and completed an approved research project under APPA’s Center for Facilities Research.

APPA Award for Excellence

Deadline for nominations: November 30, annually.
APPA’s highest institutional honor, the Award for Excellence in Facilities Management provides educational institutions with the opportunity to receive national and international attention for their outstanding achievements in facilities management.

APPA Effective and Innovative Practices Award

Deadline for nominations: November 30, annually.
APPA’s Effective & Innovative Practices Award recognizes programs and processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, generate revenue, or otherwise benefit the educational institution. Entries can describe either a new program or significant restructuring of an existing program or process. This award includes a cash prize and is given to no more than five programs each year.

APPA Meritorious Service Award

Deadline for nominations: November 30, annually.
Each year APPA members bestow the Meritorious Service Award upon the individual member or members who have made significant contributions to APPA and to the profession of educational facilities management. APPA’s highest individual honor, the Meritorious Service Award is given to no more than three individuals each year.

APPA Pacesetter Award

Deadline for nominations: November 30, annually.
The Pacesetter Award is the newest addition to APPA’s awards profile. The Pacesetter Award is designed to encourage further participation in APPA among those who have already made significant contributions at their regions or chapters. Up to seven Pacesetter Awards may be given each year.

Click here for more information on submission guidelines for the APPA’s awards programs.